Thinking Big to Achieve Greater Shared Prosperity

The 21st Annual Leadership Summit

At a time when we need to expand prosperity and share it with more of our citizens, Oregon faces a range of large, tough challenges and extraordinary opportunities that call for big, long-term thinking and action.

Thinking Big, the theme of this year’s Leadership Summit, is something Oregon knows how to do. We did it with the bottle bill, public beach access, and land use legislation in the 1960s and ‘70s. We did it in 2022 with Future Ready Oregon, a major state investment in workforce talent development focused on underserved Oregonians; and then earlier this year with the Oregon Chips Act to boost state and federal support to expand Oregon’s vital semiconductor sector. Both were Oregon Business Plan priorities showcased respectively at the last two Leadership Summits.

Building on that momentum, this year’s Summit calls for bolder vision and action to grow our industry sectors and economy, to revitalize Portland’s Central City and other communities, and to address critical housing and infrastructure needs.

We look forward to seeing everyone at another Summit focused on big issues that need attention and action. Stay tuned for additional information in our emails and at this page as we draw nearer to gathering at the Moda Center arena on December 11.