Amid the Business Plan’s 20th Anniversary, 2022 Summit Spotlights Immediate, Pressing Challenges and Opportunities

Seizing the Moment

The Oregon Leadership Summit returned to the Oregon Convention Center on December 12 for its 20th session since 2002. In keeping with the year’s theme, Seizing the Moment, the forum advocated policy and investment proposals for a stronger position in the semiconductor industry and in advanced manufacturing, expanded postsecondary education access, inroads in solving Oregon’s homelessness and housing affordability crisis, and other opportunities to benefit more Oregonians, in particular those historically excluded.

This Summit came at a pivotal time for Oregon. With a new Governor, a new Legislature, and new leadership across many sectors and communities in Oregon, the timing was opportune for fresh ideas and new policy directions on a wide range of critical issues.

Key speakers included Governor-elect, Tina Kotek, on her priorities for the state, Rosanne Haggerty, President & CEO of Community Solutions, on solving the homelessness crisis in Oregon, and an original poem by Anis Mojgani, Oregon’s Poet Laureate. Key participants in main stage discussions were U.S. Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, commenting on this year’s Business Plan policy proposals; Tamara Lundgren, President & CEO of Schnitzer Steel, on Oregon’s manufacturing agenda; and Dr. Jayathi Murthy, President of Oregon State University, on postsecondary education access.

GoGo Gallery showcased Elle Hygge’s “Portraits of Small Business Owners in Downtown Portland” and gave Summit participants the opportunity to get their own portraits taken by the artist. See those photos here.

Materials for the 2022 Leadership Summit and Oregon Business Plan

The links below connect to 1) participant handout materials for this year’s Leadership Summit, 2) condensed and longer versions of the Business Plan strategy for the 2020s, and 3) this year’s policy proposals in summary and longer form.

Summit Participant Materials

Business Plan Strategy for the 2020s

Policy Proposals Going Forward

Policies in Implementation

  • Future Ready Oregon: Support implementation of the Legislature’s $200 million investment in workforce education with development of industry consortia and new models and approaches to workforce systems. Here is the 2021 Business Plan paper recommending this investment.
  • Broadband: Support state and private sector implementation of expanded broadband access and utilization made possible by new state measures and additional federal funding. See longer paper from 2021 here.
  • EITC and Child Tax Credit: These tax code provisions enhance the upward mobility of low-income Oregonians. As proposed in this 2021 policy paper, the Legislature made significant investments to increase uptake of these benefits through expanded community outreach.

Media Coverage

Here’s a sampling of media coverage immediately following the event. We’ll add other stories to this list as they are published.

Key Speakers and Participants

Summit Photos and Video

View the Summit videos here.

View photos of the December 12 Leadership Summit here.