Welcome to the 2020 Oregon Business Plan


Since 2002 the Oregon Business Plan has been the state’s principal economic development forum, bringing together leaders from business, government, and nonprofit sectors to consider policies and initiatives to improve Oregon’s economy and life. Our longstanding goals have been to create more good jobs, increase per capita income, and reduce poverty. Last year we added a fourth goal: to share prosperity more equitably across Oregon’s diverse communities and geography.

The Business Plan has helped Oregon navigate two recessions and shape policy for a range of issues, but now we face our biggest crisis in a century. The coronavirus pandemic has ravaged public health, shattered individual lives, and set back our economy while exposing long festering inequities in the fabric of our society. As this crisis unfolded in the spring we held a number of virtual meetings with public, private, and nonprofit sector leaders to surface issues and ideas, with particular attention to the trends, challenges, and opportunities exposed or accelerated by the pandemic crisis. These conversations formed the foundation of our policy work for 2020.

This year, given the pandemic, we are reimagining our traditional December Leadership Summit as a series of virtual events between now and December to consider how the covid crisis is changing Oregon and how we can emerge from its grip stronger and more equitable. These events will include general sessions much like our traditional Summit plenary segments as well as more topical sessions like our traditional breakouts. We hope you will join us for this year’s Leadership Summit Series, Recovery for Shared Prosperity.

Also, please consider sponsoring the series. We are offering these events cost free to afford participants more equitable access. So sponsorship, always essential to the Business Plan, is even more critical this year. Click the button directly above to learn more about sponsorship opportunities and benefits.