The decade ahead will be pivotal for Oregon. The disruptions of long forecasted megatrends will begin accelerating and become more pronounced, impacting things as fundamental as the nature of work and opportunity. These shifts present huge opportunities to increase our prosperity but also huge challenges. The states that adapt early, fast, and strategically stand to gain the most.

In this context, Oregon Business Plan partners aim to return the Business Plan’s – and the state’s – focus to a longer term economic development strategy. Over the course of the next year, beginning with the 2019 Summit and culminating with the 2020 Summit, Business Plan partners will be reviewing the implications of the trends mentioned above and recommending actions the state should take to seize opportunities and mitigate challenges. This year’s Summit will start that conversation. A summary of the day’s agenda will soon be added to this page.

Along the way, Business Plan partners will consider the following questions: How can we ensure that the prosperity created by the megatrends are shared broadly and equitably? How we maintain and increase the competitiveness of our state economy and make sure that it generates opportunities for all? What opportunities is Oregon best poised to seize and how can it best proceed? And what actions should Oregon take now to increase its resilience to trends like automation, artificial intelligence, and job displacement?

The Business Plan aims to answer these questions and more working with a broad network of partners including industry associations, chambers, economic development organizations, state agencies, legislators, the governor’s office, community groups and more. The intended result: a strategic vision and agenda to guide economic development in Oregon and chart a course for the next decade of growth and prosperity.