Who’s Involved? Business Leaders from Across Oregon

Executive Steering Committee

The Oregon Business Plan (OBP) is guided by an executive steering committee of business leaders, chaired currently by Patrick Criteser, President and CEO of the Tillamook County Creamery Association.

The Business Plan is a joint venture of the Oregon Business Council (OBC), Oregon Business & Industry (OBI), and the Portland Business Alliance (PBA).  Project management for the Plan is provided by OBC.

Other leaders on the executive steering committee represent the boards of the OBP partner associations:

  • Greg Ness, President and CEO of The Standard – OBC
  • Scott Parrish, President and CEO of A-dec – OBI
  • Debbie Kitchin, Owner of InterWorks – PBA

The partner association presidents – Duncan Wyse (OBC), Sandra McDonough (OBI) and Andrew Hoan (PBA) – also serve on the steering committee.

Previous Oregon Business Plan chairs, and their positions at the time, include:

  • Dick Reiten, CEO, NW Natural
  • Bill Thorndike, President, Medford Fabrication
  • Allen Alley, CEO, Pixel Works
  • Steve Pratt, CEO, ESCO
  • Pat Reiten, President, Pacific Power
  • John Carter, Chairman and CEO, Schnitzer Steel
  • Malia Wasson, President, US Bank