2018 Summit: Time To Act on Fiscal Crisis

Planning is well under way for the 16th Oregon Leadership Summit, Time To Act, set for December 3, 2018, at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. The Summit will culminate a year’s worth of work on the Oregon Business Plan Fiscal Initiative. Following statewide meetings over the spring and summer with community leaders and policy makers, Business Plan policy teams have been shaping ideas and options to reform PERS, public employee health coverage, and revenue, as well as needed investments in education that can be made through cost savings and tax code changes. Those ideas will be presented at the Leadership Summit.

Dr. Raj Chetty, Director
Opportunity Insights

One of the key speakers scheduled to address the gathering is Harvard economist Raj Chetty, a leading voice on economic mobility. Chetty and colleagues recently founded Opportunity Insights, a research and policy institute focused on using research and big data to revive flagging economic mobility at a state and local level. The institute, supported by major foundations, identifies factors that impinge on mobility and offers scalable policy solutions in collaboration with stakeholders on the ground.

Chetty will be joined at the Summit by David A. Williams, Opportunity Insights policy director. In the breakout phase of the Summit they will explore with leaders from all sectors how to bring their work to Oregon. Reducing poverty is one of the three key goals and an active focus of the Oregon Business Plan.

Online registration for the Summit is now open. To register, click here. This year’s event will build on the question asked last year, Is Oregon Future Ready? Fiscal reforms address various parts of that question: how well we prepare our young for changes in work and life that are fast evolving, whether we can break the cycle of intergenerational poverty that inhibit equal opportunity, how we can make our economy more competitive and grow well paying jobs.

We’re still honing policy documents, shaping the agenda, and lining up speakers and panelists. As plans firm up, we’ll be updating this page, providing email updates, and adding more detailed event information at the registration site.